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It all started when...

I was studying at the library one night, doing research on early migration patterns in the Rogue Valley. I was looking at an old map of "Bear Creek Valley" (current day Ashland, Oregon) and I noticed in very small handwriting, the designation of one dwelling as that of Wm. Shakespeare! You can't imagine my surprise. Now, three years later, there is so much evidence that I am overwhelmed and have become bored of directors and founded the Shakespeare in Oregon Historical Society. We will be building an all inclusive web presence to provide the world with never before seen documentation of Shakespeare's activities, mostly in Southern Oregon, over a span of 165 years.
I know, amazing, right? We have a collection of photos of Shakespeare which in themselves are extremely rare, but we also have early television footage which we are trying to format for the internet. Unbelievable. TV footage. I am not sure whether I should say this yet or not, well, ok, It has not been authenticated yet, and not all of the pages are legible and some are yet to be transcribed, but it appears as though Shakespeare's play "Pain and Bluster" produced at the Star Theater in Ashland,  (see Daily Tidings newspaper January 14, 1909) has been found. This should set the literary world on fire and so we are keeping it to ourselves until it's time comes. Maybe I have said too much already. Ok, it looks like it was a sort of musical. There are minstrel parts parts at regular intervals,,,very unusual, but I can't really say anymore than that.
Here is the link to a wealth of documentation and images:
We will have memberships available that will allow you to participate fully in the Society including bonus gifts and prizes.
Here is the link to an on line source of memorabilia: